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Clinical Software – Leading edge EDC solutions for clinical research around the globe.

Evado means ‘result’ in Latin and Evado e-Clinical has a proven track record of delivering results to big and small pharma, research institutes, CRO’s, biotech companies and device manufacturers.

From first in human to post market surveillance, Evado’s intuitive lightweight applications will help you to run cost effective, efficient, accurate and successful trials, studies and registries.

A proven track record has made Evado the first choice in EDC, CTMS and Registry solutions.  Designed to save time and cost in study set up, Evado is the preferred partner that you can trust.

Designed to run on an iPad, Android and other slates, Desktop or Laptop, Evado’s EDC, CTMS and Registry solutions are modular and scalable providing:

  • Trial design and set up within 1 – 5 days (depending on study size)
  • Interfaces which are easy to use
  • Customized navigation
  • Robust audit trails that track updates with time based stamps
  • Trial management schedules that support up to 8 arms of a trial
  • Online reporting
  • Data entry from anywhere in the world
  • Form protocol changes without taking the system offline
  • Capacity to run multiple trials and locations through one on-line environment
  • Privacy management of patient data
  • Comprehensive self paced e-learning
  • Reliable customer support
  • User authentication and digital signature function for added security
  • Remote monitoring

Evado’s Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud solution offers you flexibility where studies and trials become even more cost effective to run.

Observes industry standards FDA, TGA, HIPAA and GCP and can be integrated with CDISC and HL7.


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