Evado Clinical Cloud

clinical trial
Evado enables you to streamline the design and management of numerous clinical trials, studies or registry’s in the one platform.

Key Features

  • economical, integrated environment for the collection of clinical trial or registry data.
  • accessible on any device
  • Meets all regulatory requirements

Key Benefits

  • Pay a monthly access fee for an unlimited number of trials.
  • Usage is based on the CRF (case report form) records generated.
  • Evado is simple to learn and easy to use.
  • Evado has a fully integrated environment.
  • Easily is accessible from a standard web browser.

Core Features

  • Flexible, easy design tools
  • Meets the requirements of FDA CFR Part 11, GCP and HIPPA
  • Compliant audit trails
  • Each customer’s data is stored in their own database
  • On line management and support
  • Role based User access control.
  • Patient privacy and project execution management
  • Project execution monitoring and reporting.
  • Online schedule design and revision
  • Subject tracking, induction and status
  • Management and clinical reporting
  • Data and management reporting.

Data collection features:

  • On-line form tools for data collection
  • Standardized configurable form field validation rules
  • Online record review, monitoring and data management
  • On line data query
  • Statistical export of project data
  • Patients can be linked to multiple trials, studies and registries.

Integration Services:

  • Access to Evado content
  • Generation of records
  • Export of statistical data.
  • Electronic source data collection.

Evado Server – Data Sheet