Evado Mobile

Doctor using a iPad
Evado UniFORM provides direct access to Evado’s platform.

Key Features

  • Full access to all of Evado trial and registry features.
  • Integration with the device’s smart features.
  • View and collect data offline.

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight data collection system.
  • Full access to all of the business application’s features.
  • Accessible on tablets and phones.

Evado Mobile is a lightweight data collection that can be run on IOS or android phones and tablets.

  • Access Evado Mobile on or off line
  • Use the camera to take a photo
  • Scan a barcode
  • Record/playback sound
  • Make phone calls or email directly from a smart device.
  • Users are authenticated each time they access the app.
  • UniFORM has been designed provide a secure mobile environment for data collection.
  • Evado mobile can run over internet or corporate intranet
  • Logging of every user transaction with time and date stamps

Users can view and collect trial or registry data when not connected to a mobile network. Evado Mobile is a unique, intelligent productivity solution.