clinical trial management systems

Evado Registry has been designed for:

  • medical devices
  • disease progression
  • disease monitoring
  • sponsor-initiated
  • adverse event registries.

Key Features

  • Multiple registries and trials can be run in the same environment.
  • On line tools for designing the registry forms.
  • Collect registry data on line, and execute registry specific reports and data exports for off line analysis.
  • Evado can manage up to 99,000 patients in a single registry.
  • Data can be accessed via a web browser, or digital device.
  • Strict privacy management in accordance with privacy laws relating to patient data.
  • Compliant with ICH 6 and FDA 11 standards and in conformance with HIPPA.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to configure.
  • Adaptable for different types of registries e.g., disease progression, sponsor initiated, adverse events and medical device registries.
  • User friendly intuitive access.
  • Flexible data collection, on a desktop or mobile device.
  • Extensive reporting.
  • Quick patient look-ups.
  • Extensive reporting capability.

Evado registry conforms to international quality standards and Australian and International Health Standards. Evado’s strict privacy protocols ensure that non study sites cannot access Evado because the patient’s personal details are encrypted so that only a de-personalized view of the collected data is provided.

The registry features include:

  • Tailored environment for collecting disease registry data.
  • Multiple users, clean data and tailored reporting requirements.
  • Follow up with ease over weeks, months and years.
  • Allows data from standard evaluation tests and rich data such as images.
  • Cost effective and easy to transition from a trial to a registry using standardized page layouts.
  • Patient personal information is encrypted.
  • Privacy management of patient data (In accordance with health privacy requirements) ensures it is only available to clinics they are attending.
  • Electronic source data collection

Evado Registry – Data Sheet