A potential solution for improving critical IT infrastructure security

[dfd_single_image image="1768"] As a senior solution architect, I am always concerned about ensuring that the core systems are secure and working effectively.  The recent hacking of various Government and health networks has yet again highlighted the hacking risks we all face in today’s internet world.  When the Federal Parliament House network, one of the best [...]

Media Release – Product Roadmap

Evado is pleased to announce the release of Evado Version 4.6 Version 4.6 – will substantially enhance Evado’s Clinical platform services and functionality by providing a fully integrated user administration module that enables customers to administer their own users from within Evado Clinical. Integrated eConsent The first release of the integrated eConsent module is scheduled […]

Evado Clinical Version 4.6

Evado is pleased to announce that we have released a version 4.6 of Evado Clinical. This is our first major release for 2019.

New Year Greetings

Wishing our clients and colleagues, a happy, healthy and prosperous year of the Wood Pig.

Electronic Consent

Evado eConsent module enables sites to record a patient’s consent to participate in a trial, study or registry using the Evado mobile client running on a mobile device. The consent page is prepared as checklist.  The patient confirms their consent by checking off each of the checklist items, then endorses their consent by signing their [...]

Australian CDISC User Group

Evado is pleased to announce that our Chief Technologist Ross Anderson has been elected President of the Australian CDISC (Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium) User Group. Evado is a strong advocate of the CDISC standards that provide data managers with a standardised method of defining and storing clinical trial and or study data. The CDISC […]

Happy New Year 2018

Wishing our clients, colleagues and friends a happy, healthy and successful 2018. Our support lines are being monitored during the holidays and the office staff will be back on board on January 8th.

Biotech Daily – 21 Nov 2017

EVADO The Melbourne-based Evado says it has been issued its first US Patent for its clinical trials management software system. Evado said that the patent, entitled ‘A Method and Structure for Managing Multiple Electronic Forms and Their Records Using a Static Database’ protected its intellectual property over the invention by Evado chief architect Ross Anderson […]

First US patent granted to Evado
No 9,805,1112

Life Science Software Developer Evado announced today the issue of its first US Patent for an invention that uniquely manages multiple electronic forms and their records using a static database. This invention enables a relational database using a static table structure to store a huge number of form layouts that can all be versioned online. […]

Announcing new services – Implementing Privacy Data Security Services

Are you systems compliant with the new mandatory data breach reporting requirements? Does your organisation turnover more than $3MIL per year or do you work with health data? If so your systems must comply with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s new mandatory data breach reporting requirements. For more information see: EV-IPDS01 – Implementing […]