Evado Forms

Evado Forms has been released as a software deveopment kit, SDK, for organisations who wish to integrate form data collection onto existing solutions. Evado Forms database is capable of storing thousands of form layouts. Evado Form layout can have hundreds of form fields. Any Evado Form can be revised online anytime and released as a new version of the form layout. Millions of form records instances can be created for each version of all Evado Form layouts. Every field value in every form record can be directly accessed using a standard SQL statement.

The Evado Forms SDK is .NET based using a 3 tier application structure and includes: SQL database, form system source code, form design asp.net pages, form data collection asp.net pages, and includes both a filing index and 10 cross reference fields to reference form records with existing business systems.

Evado Forms can be purchased as a patent royalty license or as an SDK license.