OnDemand Platform

The Evado OnDemand platform is an integrated environment for the design, collection and management of clinical trial and registry data. Evado is highly intuitive and very easy to use, yet powerful enough to manage large clinical trials and registries projects across multiple sites.

Users do not need to program or modify software to implement Evado’s form driven engine. Evado’s intuitive interface streamlines the collection, validation and management processes necessary for clinical trials, studies and registries.

Evado OnDemand platform features:

  • High application availability, Evado does not need to be offline for maintenance.
  • Fast response times to page submits
  • An unlimited number of trials and studies can be run simultaneously
  • Users can independently set up and run trials, studies and registries
  • Supports multiple sites
  • Stores data thousands of clinical trials
  • Support for multiple data collection schedules, each schedule is versioned independently
  • New schedule versions do not affect historical data collection
  • Data collection schedules can be design offline using a standard spreadsheet
  • Evado architecture ensures that schedule or form versioning does not affect pre-existing project data
  • Evado is fully mobile enabled and can be accessed from a mobile device of choice including iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows 10
  • Evado integrated services enables external data to be imported into trials
  • Fully encrypted audit trail of all user transactions
  • Users can collect images and files in the file management system that can be included in a clinical project.

How Evado OnDemand platform manages security and traceability?

  • Evado is integrated into Active Directory to provide a multi-layered security architecture.
  • Evado supports multiple organisational types
  • All users are provided with role and allocated to an organisation. The combination of user’s role and organisation type controls the user’s access to the platform’s modules and features.
  • All user interactions are logged at multiple levels in the application
  • All patient personal identifiable data is DES or AES encrypted prior to database storage
  • User authentication service with digital signature function meets FDA and GCP requirements
  • The database contains an encrypted audit trail of all user updates across all Evado modules and components.

How Evado OnDemand platform manages patient privacy?

  • Evado conforms to International Quality and Health Standards and personal and patient privacy regulations
  • Evado’s strict privacy protocols ensure that non-study sites can access patient personal data
  • All patient personal and private data is encrypted prior to storage in the database using an automated key management process
  • Only the patient and users at the clinic the patient is attending can view and update the patient’s personal information
  • All other users have de-identified access to patient records.

What integration services does Evado OnDemand platform provide?

Evado web services include:

  • Secure web service to Evado content
  • Import and export of subject demographics
  • Import of patient personal information.
  • Query and download Evado form records
  • Creation of Evado CRF records using web services
  • Creation of new AEs, SAEs or concomitant medication
  • Export of trial statistical data

User initiated integration features:

  • Import and export of patient personal information by site users.
  • Import and export of subject demographics data
  • Import and export trial scheduled
  • Import and export trial form designs
  • Import and export trial CRF records
  • Export of trial statistical data

What analysis and report does Evado OnDemand platform provide?

Evado analysis and summary reporting including:

  • Online query of form data
  • Query of data for charting
  • Clinical project management reporting
  • Data management reporting
  • Concomitant medication data export
  • Adverse event data export
  • Trial record query data export
  • Statistical data export
  • Trial dashboard
  • Trial site dashboard
  • Trial subject record status dashboard
  • Case report form generation (HTML) with XML export

Evado OnDemand platform provide a powerful reporting module:

  • Project managers can design reporting templates for both standard and ad-hoc reports
  • Report templates can be used to generate operation, monitoring, site or data management reports
  • Users can select and execute reports on single or multiple projects
  • Report data can be viewed in a web browser or a mobile device, or exported as: Html pages, or CSV files for further analysis.

What file management services does Evado OnDemand platform provide?

Users can collect images and files in the file management system that can be included in a clinical project.

Features include:

  • Users can upload files as part of the trial data collection process
  • The file collection is fully integrated into the trial data collection processes.
  • The metadata is stored in the Evado database
  • Files can be accessed by all registered users
  • Multiple files can be uploaded as part of any patient visit
  • Multiple trial specific documents can be uploaded
  • Multiple site specific documents can be uploaded
  • Provides a common repository for storing files across all Evado customer projects
  • The file repository has been designed to store very large numbers of files.
  • Multiple versions of a document or files can be uploaded.

External files or images can be uploaded at:

  • Clinical trial or registry level
  • Clinical site level
  • At part of a patient’s demographic data
  • During a subject visit
  • As an ancillary patient record.

Evado mobile features

Evado UniFORM architecture provides both mobile and web users with direct access to Evado’s Clinical Cloud.

Key Features:

  • Evado Mobile is a lightweight data collection that can be run on IOS or android phones and tablets, or MacOS or Windows 10
  • Full access to all Evado trial and study features
  • Integration with the device’s smart features
  • Sites and Monitors can perform all their data collection activities using a mobile device
  • Take a photo with your camera
  • Scan a barcode
  • Make phone calls or email directly from a smart device
  • Users are authenticated each time they access the app
  • Evado Mobile has been designed to provide a secure mobile environment for data collection
  • Evado logs every user transaction with time and date stamps.