First US patent granted to Evado
No 9,805,1112

Life Science Software Developer Evado announced today the issue of its first US Patent for an invention that uniquely manages multiple electronic forms and their records using a static database.

This invention enables a relational database using a static table structure to store a huge number of form layouts that can all be versioned online. Millions of form field data instances can be collected for each version of each form. Users can view collections of form data consisting of multiple forms layouts regardless of version and all form field data is directly accessible using a standard SQL statement.

Inventor Ross Anderson said “The USPTO is narrowing the scope for software patents, so we are really thrilled that this patent has been granted”. The Evado forms database is used for all Evado software and it is now proudly protected by Aust Patent 2012327168 and US Patent 9,805,112. All Evado technology can be licensed for 3rd party use.

Evado Patents and Trademarks

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