Evado Health

Evado Health

Evado, a Melbourne-based digital mobile and data integration company that has provided mobile enabled solutions for more than 30 years.

Evado Health is an integrated platform for delivering a variety of different health solutions to patients in the community or their home, while giving their health care team real time access to charted data.

Evado Health is an AI enabled data rich solution that can used to create a diverse set of specific health applications.


  • Quick and easy to a service solution
  • Simplifies clinical record management
  • Easy creation and completion of clinical records</li
  • Patient privacy is fully integrated into the platform
  • Empowers patients to actively participate on their healthcare.
  • Patient and clinnicians see the same realtime data.

Key features

  • Security is built into the platform from the ground up by providing multi-layers security and user activity logging and patient personal information is privacy managed and encrypted as rest (when stored).
  • Care Management is provided using a flexible, powerful, scalable tools for planning and charting of patient health care that lets the patient chart their care in the community, while enabling health care professions to track the progress of the chronic or rehabilitating patient.
  • Standardises the common functionality for planning and charting patient care.
  • Provides data driven infrastructure so that the solution provider can concentrate on the specific functionality of the service being developed, without having to worry about all of backend processing.
  • Integrates Evado’s cloud-based technology to provide a strategic solution for bringing new services online quickly and economically while minimising the overall solution risk.
  • Extendable platform enables custom features to be seamlessly added to the platform.
  • Delivers a flexible, powerful, scalable platform for the fast design, development and delivery of health services over web and mobile device Apps

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