• Easy to configure
  • Transparent on-demand pricing
  • Evado has a fully integrated environment
  • Easy creation and completion of form records
  • Form layouts can used across multiple registries
  • Adaptable for different types of registries
    • disease progression
    • sponsor initiated
    • adverse events
    • medical device registries
  • User friendly intuitive access
  • Flexible data collection, on a desktop or mobile device
  • Extensive reporting
  • Quick patient look-ups

Key features

  • Run an unlimited number of studies simultaneously in the one platform.
  • Online form tools for data collection
  • Standardized configurable form field validation rules .
  • Multiple data collection schedules
  • Online data query
  • Statistical export of project data
  • Registry data forms
  • Questionnaires and standardised data collection instruments
  • Each form layout is versioned and can be updated at any time during the trial
  • External images and streamed videos can be included in form layouts