Australian CDISC User Group

Evado is pleased to announce that our Chief Technologist Ross Anderson has been elected President of the Australian CDISC (Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium) User Group.

Evado is a strong advocate of the CDISC standards that provide data managers with a standardised method of defining and storing clinical trial and or study data.

The CDISC foundational standards are the basis of the complete suite of standards that enhance the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of clinical research processes from end to end. Internationally, the CDISC standards are used for electronic submission of data to the FDA and they also facilitate the sharing of data between research teams and institutions.

The objective of the Australian CDISC User Group is to provide a venue for interested professionals and organisations to gain a better understanding of the standards and to learn how they can be used to enhance the collection and standardisation of research data sets, that can be shared or used for analysis across multiple research projects.

Please contact Ross Anderson at if you would like more information.