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Evado, a Melbourne-based digital mobile and data integration company that has provided mobile enabled solutions
for more than 30 years.

Evado Clinical is an award-winning cloud-based platform that manages the clinical data for clinical trials, studies, and registries. Evado Clinical is Australian, developed, hosted, and supported.

Evado Clinical meets the regulatory requirements of FDA Part 11, HIPPA and the Code of Good Clinical Practice 6.

Evado Clinical provides a fully integrated clinical trial platform. Allowing customers to run multiple trials. studies or registries across multiple sites.


  • Easy to learn
  • Trials and studies can be quickly deployed
  • Simplifies trial record management
  • Easy creation and completion of form records
  • Form layouts can used across multiple clinical trials
  • Transparent on-demand pricing
  • fully integrated environment
  • Easily accessible from a standard web browser or mobile device.

Key features

  • Run an unlimited number of trials and studies simultaneously in the one
  • Online form tools for data collection.
  • Standardized configurable form field validation rules.
  • Online record review, monitoring and data management.
  • Schedule for multiple arm trials.
  • Online data query.
  • Statistical export of project data.
  • Registry data forms.
  • Case Report forms.
  • Questionnaires and standardised data collection instruments.
  • General forms, i.e. AE, SAE, Concomitant Medications.
  • Each form layout is versioned and can be updated at any time during the
  • External images and streamed videos can be included in form layouts.

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