Evado Background

Evado background

Evado Clinical is an Australian technology company that has created award winning SAAS software for clinical trials and patient informed consent. The Evado platform is fully mobile enabled and users can access the platform from any web based device of their choice. Modules include clinical site management; randomisation; patient data captured through web forms, mobile devices, laboratory reports; quality monitor management; safety event capture; and monitoring, and business analytics. Evado is headquartered in Melbourne Australia with offices in the United States.

Evado’s Australian and international customers include life science organisations, medical device manufacturers and academic institutions that bring new medical products or therapies to market.


Evado Clinical (established in 2002) designed a low cost on-premise web based electronic data collection (EDC) platform for small to medium clinical trials. In 2007 a mobile version of Evado Clinical was launched to run on windows tablet devices, enabling users to operate both on and off line. In 2009 Evado was awarded the prestigious AiiA Merit Award for Health, and Evado Clinical was migrated to a cloud platform, eliminating the need for customers to run their own EDC environment. In 2013 Evado was a finalist in the prestigious Premier’s Design Awards and a project was competed to fully mobile enable the Evado Clinical platform.

Oct 2013 Evado was granted a patent a form record repository. Feb 2014 Evado was granted a patent for a mobile application development framework known as UniFORM. Evado version 4 was released in 2014 providing a fully mobile enabled EDC platform that supports full user access from any device of choice. In 2019 an informed consent module was added to Evado Clinical to provide a multimedia based educational process that fully informs patients about their involvement in a clinical trial or study and collects informed consent for those who are enrolled in that particular trial or study.


Evado Clinical is a .NET based enterprise application that has powerful online tools that assist in the configuration and design of multiple clinical trials or studies within Evado Clinical. The Evado approach enables both data collection schedules and data collection forms to be updated to match changes in the trial or study protocol without affecting any of the previously collected data. Once configured, users are able to enrole and collect their clinical trial or study data and monitor both onsite or remotely through to progressive locking of cleansed EDC records.

Evado informed consent module provides an in-clinic or remote method of collecting patient online consent to participate in clinical trials. It manages the entire consent process from patient selection through to patient consent to enter the trial, The integrated version of Evado’s informed consent automatically enroles consent patients into the trial or study. While the standalone informed consent app collects the patient’s consent and provides a web service interface to integrate the consent data with other external systems.


Evado Clinical has a number of patents covering the core technology used in the Evado Clinical cloud based software these include:

  • A Method and Structure for Managing Multiple Electronic Forms and Their Records Using a Static Database
  • A Method and System of Application Development for Multiple Device Client Platforms
  • A Method For Using User Session Data To Provide Middle-Ware

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