Evado Informed Consent Brochure

Evado Informed Consent is a fully compliant paperless app that ensures that patients are fully informed before they decide whether to enrol in a trial or study. Evado eConsent has built in compliance monitoring that can be run on either a desktop or a tablet computer. Audio visual and cartoon graphics can be included to enhance patient comprehension. Evado’s compliant signature collection has inbuilt auditing and meets current EU and USA regulatory and privacy requirements including GCP, GPDR and HIPPA. Evado’s Informed Consent can be run as a stand alone app or integrated into Evado Clinical.

The eConsent module includes:

  • Evado supports up to 4 different consent forms to manage any changing consenting requirements throughout the execution of the study.
  • Design tools assist in the creation of the informed consent form. A form can be broken into one or more sections or groups with each section or group containing one or more page fields.
  • The eConsent form supports rich text, videos, images and quizzes.
  • If preferred, the patient consent form can be completed at a clinic assisted by local staff and signed off by the patient.
  • Registered patients can complete the informed consent online anonymously.
  • Sites can monitor the progress of each participant’s consenting process.
  • Full audit-trails are kept of all the patient consent data.
  • All patient personal information is stored in an encrypted format and time date stamped.
  • Full privacy management ensures that only site users can view participant data.

Download: Evado Informed Consent Brochure

Download a Informed Consent Brochure

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