Media Release – eConsent

Evado is proud to announce the launch of Evado eConsent.

Evado Informed eConsent has been designed to provide sponsors of trials, studies and registries the flexibility of using Evado eConsent as a stand alone app or integrated into Evado eClinical.

eConsent App

The Evado eConsent App is targeted at any health related organisation that needs to record patient consent to provide a service. Built on the UniFORM architecture this App enables the administrator to define the consent record including text, images and videos to provide a customer-centric environment. Users
are able to identify themselves using one of their internet identities to complete the consent process. The consent record is saved, and their preferences are stored on the consent system and is used to enable the customer system’s functions. Alternatively, consumers can create a customer account prior to completing the consent process.

Integrated eConsent

The Evado integrated eConsent module provides patients with the ability to give their consent to join a study or registry by using a user-friendly interactive patient centric environment. The eConsent environment consists of several pages, each outlining an aspect of the study in a language the patient can understand and includes images and videos for the patient to watch. Patients are then requested to provide their consent as outlined in the procedure or process. The patient then confirms their consent by signing the consent form on an iPad. The completed consent form is then used to induct the patient into the study or registry and their signature is encrypted and stored in the consent record. The patient’s signature is only visible to the patient and the user at the clinic the patient is attending.

About Evado

EVADO® is an award winning clinical cloud based platform that has been designed for the capture of data for clinical trials, studies, registries and post market device studies. First released in 2003, Evado is the solution of first choice for both Australian and International sponsors. The EVADO team are an Australian specialist group of engineers and scientists who have spent the past 30 years designing patented international technology solutions for acute health and life sciences.

For further information, please contact:
Jennie Anderson,
CEO Evado
T: 61 (03) 9600 3616
Tw: CEOEvado