ACTA – 2023 International Clinical Trials Symposium

Evado Clinical is a clinical data management platform that can be used for clinical trials, studies, registries, and medical device studies.

Evado Clinical supports both commercial and investigator lead trials and studies with the aim of providing cost effective compliant solutions for collecting, and managing clinical trial data.

Evado Clinical’s benefits include:

  • Cloud hosting means no servers or software to support
  • Hosted and supported in Australia
  • Quick and easy to learn
  • Simplifies trial record management
  • Easy creation and completion of form records
  • Form layouts can used across multiple clinical trials
  • Transparent on-demand pricing
  • Fully integrated environment
  • Easily accessible from a standard web browser or mobile device.

Evado Clinical’s features include:

  • Fully Compliant
  • Cloud based
  • Simple deployment
  • Multi-sites
  • Integrated eConsent
  • Integrated COA and remote COA
  • Integrated virtual visits

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