Media Release – Evado OnDemand

Evado is pleased to announce the launch of Evado OnDemand.

The COVID Pandemic has dramatically disrupted the delivery of clinical trials. Sponsors now require instant access to clinical software so that trials can be set up without any delays. Evado’s Clinical enterprise clinical trial software has been re-imaged as Evado OnDemand to meet this need.

Evado OnDemand has been designed to be instantly accessable for the rapid delivery of clinical trials.

Competitively priced for trials of all sizes, Evado OnDemand provides sponsors with a fast turnaround from setup to recruitment, with all of the features of an enterprise solution delivered as a simple on demand service.

Evado OnDemand has three tiers of service, purchased on a per trial basis.

  • Lite: is a simple easy to user service for small trials with up to 200 subjects.
  • Standard: is a service for medium sized trials or registries with up to 500 subjects.
  • Enhanced: is a service for large sized trials or registries with greater than 500 subjects.

Evado OnDemand also caters for larger sponsors by providing an enterprise service for multiple trials or registries.

About Evado

EVADO® is an award winning clinical cloud based platform that has been designed for the capture of data for clinical trials, studies, registries and post market device studies. First released in 2003, Evado is the solution of first choice for both Australian and International sponsors. The EVADO team are an Australian specialist group of engineers and scientists who have spent the past 30 years designing patented international technology solutions for acute health and life sciences.

For further information, please contact:
Jennie Anderson,
CEO Evado 

T: 61 (03) 9600 3616

Tw: CEOEvado